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Pet Residenza Capriccioli.

Cats and Dogs at Residenza Capriccioli

Residenza Capriccioli is delighted to host families with their four-legged friends or any other kind of pets.

For your dog this will be an unforgettable holiday: Pet area with dedicated shaded pool, vast green fields to scamper freely as the owners enjoy the panorama.

Located in a quiet area, Residenza Capriccioli is  completely enclosed and vehicle access is limited to parking lots. Dogs on leash can move freely within the residence. All dog owners can benefit from an online expert advice service writing an e-mail from Residenza Capriccioli at Associazione Cinofila "Dei dell'acqua" onlus.

All your requests regarding veterinarian, behavioural and educational sphere of your pet will be satisfied.
In addition the residence has all the adresses of the trackable vets in the area for potential first -aid emergencies.

Residenza Capriccioli has been rewarded by tourism department as one of the best facilities in Italy for its service quality and the excellent hospitality for guests with pets.
Tourism department has also given the facility the special "Animal friendly residence" prize and positive example at national level.

Turisti a 4 zampe - Ministero del turismo Struttura turistica animal friendly - premio 2011
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